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Keeping Schools Safe from Fire Dangers

This article will give fire safety tips to schools.

When people think of schools, they immediately think of education. Parents carefully choose the school that they will get for their kids. High tuition fees are no problem for parents as long as their kids get good quality education. If you are a parent, what are the other things that you consider and check when choosing for a school for your kid? You should think of the safety of your kids. This is one thing that should belong to your priorities.

Schools should keep kids safe. No life should be put at risk when they are in school. It should be child-friendly and well protected. But when it comes to unpredictable elements like fire, school administrators should know how to keep the school safe from any fire incidents. And in case fire strikes, they should also be aware on how to keep the kids safe and unharmed. Here are some tips to keep schools safe from the dangers that fire can give.

Keep building prepared for fire

This means that the building should have all possible equipment and tools that can give protection to everyone inside the school against fire and its dangers. Reliable Fire resistant doors will play a vital role in getting utmost fire safety for the school. Aside from the fire resistant doors, the school can also install fire alarms, smoke alarms, water sprinklers and fire extinguishers.

Practice fire escape plan

Fire drills are usually done in all kinds of establishments. The school should explain to everyone about the fire escape plan and make sure that everyone will know what to do and where to go in case fire strikes. The fire drill should be practiced very often so that everyone especially the kids will be reminded of the things they should do when fire happens.

Building inspection

There are different inspections that are to be done in a school. The inspections on the building, fire resistant doors, facilities and others should be properly conducted. This way, all things will be in proper inside the school.

Information dissemination

Students should be aware of things that can start fire. They should also be given the knowledge on how fire can be prevented and the safety practices that should be done in school. Keep in mind that knowledge will help people know the ways to stay away from danger.

Fire safety in schools will be vital. Once the kids get inside the school, then it is the responsibility of the school administration to keep them safe at all times. Schools should always be ready for disasters like fire. They should know how to avoid it and how to get out of it safely. The knowledge on how to stay safe from the dangers of fire is vital when you run a school. Keep in mind that it is the life of the students that will be at stake.

What does Fire Door Rating Mean?

This article will give more information about fire door rating.

Getting a fire door is important for all property owners. It is a type of door that will improve the fire safety of the place. It is being installed in strategic places of the property so that an effective fire escape plan will be created. People are very weary of the safety that they have inside a building, home or structure. No one would like to go through all the troubles of being inside a burning building. When this happens, life can be threatened and belongings and properties can be at risk from becoming ashes. With a fire door installed, the dangers can be lessened or even prevented.

When you decide to install a fire door in your place, you should not rush in buying one. It is because there are certain requirements and specifications that you need to check and follow. Fire doors are not like ordinary doors. You will need to know the right type of fire door fitted for your property so that you can have the utmost fire safety that you are expecting from it.

People should understand that every fire door will have its corresponding fire door rating. If the one that you have purchased does not have one, then you should return it to the seller or supplier as this is a vital information for the people to know. Fire door rating pertains to the capacity of the door to endure extreme heat. This indicates that number of minutes that the fire door will stand there and working as a fire barrier or fire exit.

When you have purchased a fire door that has a fire door rating of FD30, then this simply means that the door has thirty minutes of endurance time. The number that comes after FD is the number of minutes of endurance of the fire door. You cannot just choose a fire door rating that you want. It is important that you work closely with fire door specialists to make sure that you will the right rating that your property will need.
If your property is huge with lots of rooms, hallways and floors, then escaping from fire will be complicated. This is when you will need to have the highest possible rating of fire doors. For small sized buildings or properties, FD30 will be enough to give people the right amount of time to escape.

With the help of the experts, you will be able to get the right fire door rating that is appropriate to your property. These specialists will assess your property so that they will know the rating that you will need. They will also help you identify where to install the fire doors. They also know all the requirements in the installation of the fire doors. This is why it is best that you look for a specialist that you can consult with first before purchasing the fire door. With them, you will get the utmost fire safety that you want for you and your property.

Fire Safety Tips for Schools

This article will give tips to keep schools safe from fire.

If you are a parent, you would surely be careful in choosing the school where you will enroll your child. You would surely want a school that can offer high quality education to your kids, child friendly environment and school staffs that are reputable. But aside from these, you would also be worried about the safety of your kids. Parents definitely check on how safe the school is from any kinds of dangers that can put the lives of their kids at risk.

Unexpected fires can also happen in schools. In fact, schools have lots of flammable and combustible items in it and can be very susceptible to unexpected fires. It is important that the school administration knows how to keep their premises safe. It is also important that everyone who is occupying and using the school on a daily basis is knowledgeable with things that can prevent fire from happening. Here are some important fire safety tips that schools can use.

Fire drills

Fire drills can help everyone know what to do and where to go in case of fire emergencies. This will practice everyone so that panic will not come first when emergency comes. It is best if the fire drills will be done monthly or very often so that people will always be reminded of things that they should in cases of fire emergencies.

Installation of alarms

Fire and smoke alarms will be vital in informing everyone in school that an emergency is arising. All floors should have fire alarms or smoke alarms so that everyone will know what is happening and can act quickly in case of fire incidents.

The use of fire proof door will play a vital role in keeping everyone safe from the dangers of fire. A fire proof door can act as a fire barrier which will help in preventing fire and smoke from spreading out very quickly. This kind of door will save lives especially when it is used the right way. The school administration should invest in getting fire proof door so that they can assure the safety of the kids. The fire proof door should also be recommended by fire door specialists. They will first assess the building so that they can identify the number of fire doors needed.

Regular building inspection

Inspections should be done on the exit doors, fire proof door, heating and cooling systems and the building itself on a regular basis. The inspection will be able to locate any errors, damages or problems that can be the cause of fire in the school. It will also help in fixing the problem before it becomes too late.

Staying safe is always better than being sorry. Keep in mind that there are lots of kids in schools that should be saved first in cases of fire emergencies. Schools should be always ready for any kind of incidents as fire can be impulsive and unpredictable.

How to Avoid House Fires

This article will give tips on avoiding house fires.

A home is a precious investment that any person can have. It is something that people save up money for as it will be the haven of their families. Putting up a home is truly an achievement and treasure for many people. But it is not enough to just put the home up. Aside from the construction and aesthetics of your home, you should also think of its safety and protection against the present dangers that surround it.

One of the dangers that people would like to avoid is fire. This is an element that is actually being used in daily chores like cooking but when fire strikes up and goes uncontrolled, it becomes very dangerous and lethal. Some people invest in fire doors so that they can improve the fire safety of their home. This is a special type of door that can help people in escaping danger during fire occurrences. Fire doors can save lives and properties. The installation of fire doors is just a precautionary measure but knowing some fire preventive techniques will be a big help for any home owner.

The very first thing to remember is to always check the house. You need to inspect your home and check on your electrical system. If you need to hire a specialist, then do so. Keep in mind that faulty electrical wirings are the most common reason for house fires. You can have wires changed in case it has holes, cracks or splits. This should be done at least once a year.

You should also check on your natural gas or LP gas system. It is possible that there are already holes in the hose or there are leaks in the tank. Any leak of gas can cause big danger to a home as it may trigger an explosion or huge fire.

You should also check on your heating and air conditioning units in your home. When these appliances are already worn out or faulty, it may cause electrical problems which can also lead to fire. Checking on all your appliances every once in a while will help you keep your home from fire incidents. Being very careful when using things that heat up or bring fire should be observed at all times.

If you want to improve the fire safety of your home, then using fire protective tools and equipment will be vital. You can have fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and best fire doors. The fire door will help you achieve an effective fire escape route so that in case fire strikes, people will have a quick exit from the home.
No home owner would like to go through the difficulties of fire emergencies. This is why knowing some preventive measures will truly help in keeping the house safe from fire and all its dangers. Be very cautious and make sure that you have a fully functional fire door in your home.

Choosing Fire Doors Over Ordinary Doors

This article will give the benefits of using fire doors over ordinary doors.

When you are in the process of a building or house construction, you surely would want to use things that can make the structure appealing and elegant. You want it to be beautiful because this is your investment and you have used your hard earned money for it. But have you ever thought of making it a little more safer? When it comes to hazards and dangers, fire is always at the top of the list. Fire is unpredictable and impulsive. It can start with a simple spark but can grow huge and consume the entire place within minutes. With a fire accident, you will be left with nothing but ashes.

Using ordinary doors to beautify your building or home is just a normal choice. No one would like to have a structure that is unappealing at all. There are so many styles, designs, colors and shapes of doors that people can choose from. There will surely be one that will match their preferences and requirements. Ordinary doors will be used as entry and exit route of people and things. It can be installed with locks to secure the place from unwanted elements like thieves. But when fire strikes, this kind of door will not be able to protect the people as it can easily burn down.

People who are conscious of their safety will surely favor the use of a fire proof door instead of an ordinary door. It is because a fire proof door can provide safety and protection in cases of fire. It will act as a fire barrier and control flames and smoke in a place to prevent quick spread. When flames and smoke are kept in one area only, people can easily locate escape and be free from danger. This is how fire doors save lives.
There are also fire doors that have various styles and designs. People will never have to worry about the aesthetics of their property. They can choose a fire proof door that will match the interiors of their structure. They do not have to sacrifice the looks of their property just to improve their fire safety.

For structures that are just being constructed, the owners can already choose fire doors to be installed. But in case the structure is already built and is using ordinary doors, the owners can have it changed to a fire proof door for better protection.

There are now lots of suppliers of fire doors in the market. You can even find a consultant that you can refer to so that they can help you out with choosing the best kind of fire door for your place. They will also help you with the installation so that the fire door will work perfectly and give you the kind of safety and protection that you expect from it. So, invest in a good quality fire door and get the fire safety you deserve. 

Avoiding House Fires

This article will give tips to avoid house fires.

Houses today are very susceptible to fire. It is because some of the materials used for it are combustible and it may contain a lot of flammable items. When a house gets burned, the whole family is surely devastated. All of their savings went to the construction of house and just see it turn into ashes. House fires have become very common these days. It is maybe because people are no longer conscious about their fire safety.

Some people would install fire doors in their place so that their fire safety will be improved. Fire doors can give protection to people during fire incidents. It will stop or prevent the quick spread of flames all over the property. The fire doors allow people to easily find escape and be free from the dangers that fire can give. But fire doors are just precautionary measures to avoid huge damage to the property. There are some ways to prevent fire from happening in a home. Here are some of them.

Check on your house

You will need to check on your house and everything in it especially those that can trigger house fires. Check on your electrical system, heating and air conditioning systems, LP gas system and others. These are the common sources of sparks of fire in a house. If you need to hire and expert or inspector, then do so. This will help you keep your home safe from accidental fires.

Observe safe use of household items

There are surely lots of electrical appliances. It is important to check on these items. There might be wires that are already chipped or damaged. Also, excessive use of appliances can lead to overheating and cause fire. Proper use of electrical things will be vital in keeping your home safe.

Use the kitchen correctly

The kitchen is the most common place where house fires start. You should always the kitchen and everything in it properly. If you are cooking, make sure that you stay in the kitchen and check on your stove and fire all the time. Always check on your burners if they are turned off after use. And make sure that you do not use anything that can cause fire or explosion inside the kitchen.

Careful and mindful actions

Your actions can also trigger fire. Smoking is fine but if you smoke in a place where a spark of growth of flame can happen, then it is not good. You should be cautious with your actions and make sure that it will not cause any troubles in your home.

Fire may come unexpectedly and abruptly and may leave everyone off-guard. But if you would want to improve your fire safety, then installation of fire protective tools and equipment like reliable fire doors will be helpful. Knowing how to prevent house fires will be important if you want to stay safe inside your home. 

Important Parts of a Fire Door

This article will give the different parts of a fire door.

Dangers can be all around. There are instances that no matter how careful and cautious you are, you still get to experience different kinds of danger. Just like a fire accident, even if a person stays careful, there will still be instances that fire will spark and grow fast that it becomes uncontrollable. It is important that all kinds of structures have ready fire protective tools and equipment installed like best fire doors.

Fire doors play a vital role in keeping the fire safety of a place. It will help in improving fire safety and it is known to save lives during fire emergencies. When you decide to install a fire door, you must be sure that you are purchasing a complete fire door. There are different important parts in a fire door. These are:

Fire door leaf

This is the part that swings open and close. This is the main part of the fire door assembly. It can be made of wood, metal, aluminum and many more. The materials used for this part has glazing and gone through procedures making the leaf completely fire resistant.

Smoke seal

This is a part of the assembly that swells or expands when it senses extreme temperature. This aims to shut down all possible gaps in between the frame and leaf. Fire doors will shut down the flames and smoke so that spread will not be possible. In order to do this, it will need a fully functional smoke seal.

Fire door hardware

This will include the locks, latches, hinges, bolts and nuts. Everything should also be fire rated and fire resistant so that it will not affect the efficiency of the complete fire door.

Automatic closing device

This is very important as it will make the fire door very effective in compartmentalizing flames and smoke in one part of the building. It is important to keep the door closed at all times and the device will help as some people forget to close the door after use.

Fire door labels and signs

It is a part of the fire door assembly that will remind people that it is a fire door and should be used properly in order that it will provide the protection to the people in case of fire. The signs should be very visible so that it will be seen by the people even if smoke is already spreading. The signs should guide the people out of the building and get them to safety.

All of these parts are to be inspected by a licensed fire door professional. It is important that all of the parts are functioning well and are not damaged or missing. When you purchase a fire door, you should consult experts just to make sure that you are purchasing a complete fire door assembly. Correct acquisition will keep people safe and limit damages in a structure. 


Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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