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    The compartmentalization of a building using fire-rated barriers is a form of a passive fire protection system. A passive fire protection system is an integral component of a building’s fire protection and safety system.

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Do I Need a Fire Proof Door?

This article will give the reasons why fire doors are needed.

When you own a property like a building or home, you will surely want to have something that will give protection and safety. People would spend money just to get tools and equipment that will protect them from dangers like theft, earthquake, floods, storms and many more. But one danger that is very difficult to win over is fire. This can happen in an instant without any warning. This is why a lot of people get into danger when fire strikes. Most of the time, they are not ready for it and even the building does not have fire protective tools and equipment. This is why it is important to invest in tools and equipment like fire extinguishers, fire and smoke alarms, water sprinklers and best fire proof door.

A fire proof door has a specific resistance to fire and will act as a fire barrier so that flames and smoke will be contained in one source. The fire proof door has components that are also fire proof which makes it even more effective in enduring the extreme heat. This special kind of door will give people enough space and time so that they can be led to the exit and be in a safer place. A fire proof door will shut down the area where the flames are. This will bring in no oxygen to the place so that the flames may die down or become less strong. It will also help in preventing the fast spreading of the flames to the different parts of the building.

Everyone needs fire proof door. This will improve fire safety and keep the building ready any time fire strikes. Fire can be impulsive and may erupt starting from just a very small spark. If the building has fire doors installed, then there will be something that will work immediately when fire happens. This will keep people safe and protected and will also help in reducing the amount of damages that the building will incur.

People need fire door installed in their premises because fire is such a dangerous disaster. Fires happen anywhere and anytime. It does not choose who to victimize. And the sad part of it is that it is so difficult to control which is why a lot of people die during fire emergency. A fire door is the building’s prepared army against the dangers of fire. It will keep protecting the building with or without fire. It will improve the fire safety and make sure that no one will get hurt in case fire strikes.

However, fire doors will also need proper maintenance and care. With this, fire door inspection should be done by the licensed inspectors. This will keep the fire doors in good working condition all the time. All installed fire doors should undergo inspection regularly to make sure that it will keep people protected at all times.

Things to Check in a Fire Door

This article will give fire door maintenance tips.

As a first time investor or a business owner, it is important to have your own building for your employees. Instead of renting which will double the cost, experts will suggest to purchase and construct your own building. During the construction, it is important to put in mind the safety of all who will use the facility. Professionals will encourage you to put fire doors and other safety related equipment and plan. There are kinds of fire doors that come in altered standard span of time frame and it depends on the building size that needs protection. If you have a small unit, then a 30-minutes standard span of time frame is good for the people to use as their escape. For a bigger one, the building will need a 45, 60 to 90 minutes span of time kind of fire door that can withstand the high temperature caused by the fire incident. During the incident, the people can go out and escape with the help of these fire doors and will also help the rescuers find and put out the fire easily and quickly. When you want to make sure that your fire doors are completely working, always check on these:
Intact vision light frames, glazing and glazing beads
All of these things must be properly in place and should be accurately fastened. It is recommended to be inspected always to see if one these are missing.
No missing parts 
When you opt for a fire door inspection and when the inspector would find out that there is a missing part, then they will endorse it for repair or change of materials. This thing should be done immediately for safety reasons.
Proper measurement of door clearance
If the company is about to put the fire door into an inspection process, then the inspector should locate the proper clearance and if it will not meet the standards set by the government, then a repair of the clearance will be advised for it to function properly. If the clearance of the door is not proper, then the capacity of the door to work will fail due to the seal of the door will not cover all the gaps when there is a fire.
Aligned frame, door and hinges 
As we can see, there are some components that are non-combustible and will function with the right signs of breakage or damage. These fire rated doors must always be correctly fitted in order to avoid the leakage of fire from one place to another.
Surface of the door and frame 
Always check that the surface of the door will not have hole or breaks for it will make the door less fire proof. Experts say that a fire only needs a small crack or hole for it to penetrate the other part of the door. If this thing occurs, then it will be a unserviceable protective door. Always remember that the fire door is only coated with a special material and can withstand a high temperature for just a small period of time and will eventually burn down after a while.

The Value of Fire Doors in a Business

This article will give the importance of fire doors in a business.

Imagine there are businesses that are not covered by insurance. For sure, you will lose everything when a disaster happens but on the lighter note, the moment you decide to install a fire door, then there is a possibility that you can still save some of your property. The installed fire door will help you secure the property and people’s lives during the course of the fire incident. Availing of a fire door is a supplementary investment on the part of the owner. Yes, it is an additional cost to the business’ budget but on the lighter side, the benefit that we can garner during the time that a fire has occurred is immeasurable. As all will say and remember, safety is important to all aspects of our business.
What is a fire door? The answer is that, these are the ones that will prevent and withstand fire and smoke from spreading around the building and other premises. It is designed with a certain standard to provide ample time for every person to leave the building safe and secured. Some of the fire doors are made or designed to have 30 to 60 minutes period of time endurance which can help rescuers in finding and putting out the fire.

The fire doors are created not only for people’s safety, they are also designed to secure of the business owners’ property and some furniture and fixture. If a person has its own business and property, for sure there are lots of things that they own within the unit. If the building owner has installed a fire door, then there will be big chance that the furniture and fixture can still be saved during the calamity. It is given that business owner will invest a huge amount of money for their business. Along with it, they will realize that it is important to invest also and install these fire doors because it will be one of the factors that can protect your property. In the present reality, we can honestly say that when a business has encountered a fire incident, the entire building can be damaged and even be charred.

If you have your home and office installed by a fire rated door, then it is indeed a right move and decision that you have made. It is just ordinary that people will be concerned about the safety of other people and their family; it is then that fire doors should be on the top priority list of people. Fire door is not the only tool that we can use, there are still lots of safety and security tools that can go along with the building like fire hose, fire extinguisher and many more. All of these things are to be installed upon the recommendation of a safety officer. Every life is important. This is the reason that these things are created so that it can help people to survive in case any untoward incident happens.

How to Choose Fire Doors for Your Building

This article will give tips on choosing fire doors to buy.

Experts say that there are lots of good sources when we talk about energy and one of them is fire. We can use fire in our daily lives but remember to control it properly so that it will bring no harm to people. If a fire has over powered the user, then it can bring danger to people.  Fire can demolish everything along its path when it is uncontrolled and this is the kind of fire that we do not want to happen inside our households and buildings. For this reason, the installation of doors with the right fire door rating is seen to be the solution that will deter the spread of fire.

Most people are determined to have their own business. The hard-earned money that they will get will be put for investment for the reason of earning good profit and making it grow. Sideways with the process of setting up the business, building construction is also a priority for it will shelter the transactions of the people. It is given that the businessman will construct their own building. Along with it, they should also prioritize the safety and security of all persons that will utilize the building. As part of the building’s safety, professional experts should be asked on what kind of safety materials that are needed for the implementation of the building security. A fire door is one of the vital parts of a building and homes so that we can attain the safety that we need during a fire breakout.

There are already many owners that have decided to avail these fire doors. With regards to it, they must ensure that they have purchased the right one depending on the endorsement of the engineers or contractors that you have. If you own a gigantic building, then experts will advise you to install a fire door that can give you a 60 to 120 minutes’ window of time to evacuate people inside and rescuers to do their task. For those small homes or buildings, there is a 30-minute standard fire door which is recommended as safety feature. 

If you are in the building, it is important to have presence of mind and lots of adrenaline rush in order to escape a fire incident. Evacuation plan is important in every building and the people should have knowledge about it for their safety. Since there are usually labels that indicate the evacuation plan, people should have knowledge of this beforehand, and the management should make sure that people are informed about the passageways that are fire-proof. It is easy for anyone to understand the evacuation plan and it can be found through a hallway leading to a door that is rated for fire-resistance. Once people learned of the worth of moving rapidly to seek the exit door, no time will be misused when trying to seek safer lands. It is also important that people are given instructions on how to find their way out of the building during fire. There may also be vertical evacuation plans and horizontal evacuation but the safest thing is to get out of the building when one can possibly do it.

Following Fire Door Regulations for Businesses

This article will show the benefits of following fire door regulations.

When you have your own business and building establishment, it is mandatory that regular maintenance of the building and other equipment in it must be done. The regular maintenance must follow the standards set by the government especially when we talk about the fitting and fixtures of the items. Most experts will advise business owners to invest in the safety of their building particularly in a fire door installation. They do not need other reasons to do it because safety should be their main priority.
But aside from the installation of the fire protective doors, it should also be maintained and taken care of. The fire doors will become ineffective and unsafe if there will be hasty chips and cracks that will show in the door. The owners will be the ones to handle the fine if the certified fire door inspector will find out that the leaves of the door are damage. Business owners will be also the ones to be blamed if an incident has happened and they did not comply with the fire door regulations. These things will happen if the maintenance is not done properly. Many people can get hurt and injured especially if the damaged doors are left unrepaired.
The installation, maintenance and inspection should follow the fire door regulations to make sure that the door will fully function especially in times needed. When a fire strikes, the door should be able to give the needed protection that it should provide. It should be able to help people escape from the building and keep the flames and smoke in one area only. These are the main functions of a fire door and can be achieved when the fire door regulations are properly followed.
It is given that if you invest to a fire door safety protection, a huge amount of cash is needed to be taken out from your financial budget. People should not consider it as a needless expense but as a beneficial investment. People must always put into their minds that the fire doors are protection and not an ordinary investment or waste of money to their budget. In the end, these doors can actually give them huge savings. Through these doors, you will be able to save some expenses as your property may incur few damages only in times of fire. And best of all, there can be little or no injuries or deaths that could happen.
If a business owner has already invested in safety equipment and tools, then it is now time for them to be trained and undergo different seminars on how they will implement fire door regulations especially in maintaining it regularly. If one of their buildings has an installation of these doors, it is advisable and important that the doors are having consistent inspections and maintenances. This is a good advantage on the part of the business owner for they are assured that the mechanisms installed can be correctly used when a danger happens. 

Fire Safety Equipment that You Should Have

This article will give the different equipment to have fire safety.

Every house and building should have a reliable fire exit door. This is a compulsory requirement set by the government to guarantee people of their safety and security. The lives of our loved ones and the clients using the building are very important and we cannot let them to be at risk. It is just right to invest to some of the safety and security tools and equipment and get the benefits it can give to us. Although it is expensive at first, but if we look at the future benefits, lives will be saved. As we look at our present time, there are now more and more constructions that are happening around the globe. Some of it is commercial buildings, residential houses, public buildings, industrial plants and many more. All the mentioned constructions should have an installed fire exit door so that if there will be a fire incident, it can be prevented for causing a mass damage. A fire rated door can be on the exit and entrance and must be properly fitted to restrain a fire and could lower the risk of spreading to other places.
List of safety equipment needed in a building: 

Having this emergency equipment will mean a lot to the people who are using the facilities and can be assured that their lives will be saved just in case there will be an emergency in the future. We cannot take for granted the safety of the people who are interacting with us. Safety is our first priority and must always be on the top of our list.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is important to be present in the building. It is an emergency equipment that can be used anytime if there will be a person who will incur injuries. It is also important that the person who will administer the first aid has enough knowledge on the process so that the injury will not escalate into a more serious one.

Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a mandatory requirement when you have a building. It is safety equipment that is needed to be installed according to the mandated law. The installed fire extinguisher must pass the safety standards set by the governing body and must be properly maintained so that it can function well in case of emergency.

Fire alarm

These gadgets are needed also for it will be the means of communication to the whole property indicating that there is an incident that is happening. The government has set a standard fire alarm depending on the size of the area that it will cover.

Fire Exit Door

This is the heart and soul of every safety tool that a building must have. The best fire exit door will serve as the way out of every person that will be trapped inside. The fire exit will serve also as the entrance point for the rescuers and other teams that will help in making sure of the safety of the people.  There are different types of fire doors and it will depend on the capacity and area that it will serve.  

Fire Door Regulations to Follow

This article will give the different rules when fire doors are installed.

As a business owner, it is always required for us to follow certain rules and regulations depending on the scope of our business. There are different regulations depending on the business industry that you are into. Within the business, there are still regulations that are needed to be followed like when you have a fire door or other safety equipment that you have installed in the building.

Best fire door regulations will be implemented once you purchase and install it in your business. You cannot just buy and setup the fire door without following the rules and regulations set by the government and other related agencies. The government and related agencies have imposed fire door regulations that are needed to be followed by every business owner that has a building.

If you own a business, then it is your duty to have safety equipment and tools to be installed in your area and to make this happen, regulations are needed to be followed so that it will all be in the proper place.
Here are some of the things that are needed when installing fire doors:

Choose the right supplier

It is important to have a right supplier when purchasing fire door units. This is important because there are accredited suppliers wherein you can purchase good quality parts and accessories that are needed for the fire door. When you make a transaction with an accredited supplier, then you are assured that all the items are within the quality and have been approved by the government.

Perform regular maintenance

It is important to undergo the process of regular fire door maintenance to make sure that the doors are always in good condition. We cannot take for granted the safety of the people just because we have lapses on the regular maintenance of the fire door that has been installed in the building.

Conduct information dissemination

One of the first things that the building owner must do is to conduct information dissemination to all of the tenants or customers that are or using occupying the building. This must be done so that everyone will be aware of the safety standards and equipment that the business owner has installed. If you can properly inform the people in the area, then there is a big chance that in cases of emergency, they can be saved and save other people also.

Following the fire door regulations can make the business’ customers and clients safe and the owner can be saved from other untoward liability when there is an incident that can happen in the future.


Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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