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How to Ensure Fire Safety in Factories

According to studies, factories pose a major fire safety risk especially without a proper fire prevention system. Facilities that are mainly used for manufacturing are often filled with hazardous chemicals, large equipment and hundreds of workers that are all at risk in cases of emergencies. But worry not because there are now steps that will help managers reduce the risk of fire in factories.

Installing fire resistant doors is one way for factory managers to ensure safety inside the premises. Apparently, keeping the workers as well the environment safe would mean immediately eliminating any existing fire hazards that are present within the area. The factory must undergo regular inspection where possible sources of fire such as faulty electrical wiring, spilled chemicals and open flames must be addressed straightaway. Dealing with these hazards as early as possible will certainly help reduce the risk of a hazardous fire.

In addition to having flame rated doors within the premises, it is also important that fire evacuation routes are mapped out. They must be situated in rooms and hallways where staff and employees can easily gain access to.  These escape routes must remain unblocked so that people can easily escape from the factory in case a fire breaks out. Now if you have already installed flame resistant doors in your factory, it is important that they remain shut at all times. This is specifically important so that the fire will remain contained to just one area of the factory.

In large buildings such as factories, employee training is also very important. For one, these employees must be trained on how to deal with fire hazard during emergency cases. After organizing an evacuation protocol, regular drills must be conducted. This will educate employees on what they should do in case a fire breaks out. In addition, workers must also be trained on how to handle a fire extinguisher. In case of a fire emergency, they should be able to put out small fires before they could spread all over the factory. Now if the fire exit is blocked for some reason, the manager must notify all the workers of any changes to the evacuation route. Staying informed at all times is the key to safely escaping the building during fire emergencies.

Apart from having fire doors, factories should also have a functioning fire alarm system. They must also be tested regularly to ensure they will work in case a fire breaks out. Just like fire doors, these systems are also very crucial to the building’s fire prevention measures. Once activated, they will be able to warn all the workers of the fire and to safely evacuate the area. Also, factories should also be fitted with fire suppression systems that may include fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguisher boxes and chemicals extinguishing agents. These are all necessary to ensure that the factory will be able to deal with the hazards in case a fire breaks out.



Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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