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Making Your Home Extra Safe WithFire Doors

Normally, if a certain house is burned, the only thing that remains after the fire are the thick concrete walls and the rest of the components are reduced to ashes. This is a common scenario which leads you to think that the weakness of a home does not come from walls. So if your home is 85% built on light materials and less concrete especially walls, you’d better think twice and start considering extra fire safety precautions.

You need to do a lot of things and invest if you want to keep both your family’s lives safe and your home intact. The first thing that you need to do is start replacing the light materials where your house is built from and make it concrete and at the same time, you have to install security systems for protection especially from fires. You have to install some of the basic fire safety system such as smoke and fire alarms, sprinklers, and even extinguishers. But to have more advantage, you really to invest and install the latest and one of the most effective fire safety technology today; the fire doors.

Fire exit door are one of the most commonly used doors that are being installed in huge structures such as buildings where in case a fire happens, escaping from it is a very hard task. These doors are made from durable or strong materials that are coated with classified substances to make it fire resistant. On top of that, they undergo extreme testing in laboratories to determine how long they can withstand the heat and fire.

Once they are deemed fit for the job, they are given special ratings. These ratings indicate how long they can last. There are different ratings that are already available in the market these days. These fire doors come in the following: FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120. Note that the numbers indicated here is the number of minutes that they are expected to withstand the fire. After these time thresholds elapses, they are bound or expected to give in to the extreme heat.  Sadly, they are not built to endure the fire indefinitely however; they can give or provide enough time for the people to eventually escape to safety without being harmed.

Another thing that guarantees that you will be safe with fire proof door is that they are equipped with special sealing system that prevents the spreading or penetrating of smoke from one place to another. These seals are actually expanding when they are exposed to tremendous heat which provides leakage for the smoke to pass through.

So if you are already convinced that you need extra fire safety precaution at home, then you better start searching for the best dealers and make sure that they are licensed, accredited or recognised by certain governing bodies to sell fire doors. This way, you can guarantee that what you’re buying is of excellent quality and reliable.

So go ahead and invest on this worthy life-saving door for you and your family’s ultimate protection.



Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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