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How Fire Proof Doors Can Ensure the Safety in Hospitals

Hospital is one place where ensuring the safety of everyone is a big challenge. Just like any other public buildings, complexity may arise in the event of fire accident. Especially in big buildings where people are not likely familiar with the area’s layout, safely leaving the building in case a fire breaks out can be a bit challenging. For one, it would be quite difficult for patients to evacuate the building without help thus causing them to risk their lives. That being said, it is important that fire resistant doors are installed in hospitals as they are considered the first line of protection in the event of fire.

Most hospitals have large public areas filled with people both day and night. The building designs make these places more susceptible to fire accidents. And in the event that a fire breaks out, you are likely to expect a rapid spread of both smoke and fire along the corridors of these buildings. By installing a fire exit door in strategic locations, the spread of smoke and fire can be slowed down just enough for the people to be able to get out of the building safely.

Most hospitals have large kitchens, recreational areas for the public and staff, laundry area and storage rooms that can all create specific risks thus more prone to fire accidents. For one, rooms that store medicine and other chemicals can be very risky for the building’s overall safety. As a matter of fact, these storage rooms have been considered as one of the areas of danger especially when a fire breaks out.

Fire resistant doors installed in hospitals and other public buildings must of highest rating. For one, they should be able to withstand heat and smoke in case of blaze and allow maximum evacuation time for vulnerable patients. Put in mind that hospitals are huge buildings and getting out of these places safely without help can be very difficult especially if everything is already in chaos. With a fire exit door installed in corridors, the entire place is broken down into various sections thus restricting the flow of air and reducing the likelihood of the fire spreading rapidly. Because of the fact that hospitals often rely on a phased evacuation of patients during emergencies, having these types of doors installed in strategic locations is very advantageous. To ensure rapid access, people should be able to easily open these doors at any given point. And most importantly, they should be able to resist the heat and potential damage caused by the blaze.

While fire doors can be of big help during emergency cases, it is also important that the staff and other personnel are aware of their roles when it comes to minimizing fire risks. Hospitals should have enough escape routes that are clearly marked for easier identification. In case a fire breaks out, it will be easier for people to evacuate the building even with less help.



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