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What Are the Purpose of Fire Doors and Fire Seals?

Essentially, fire resistant doors were created in order to save people’s lives during fire emergencies. And because we try to ensure fire safety at all times, the buildings where we work and live are also required to have these fire doors. In case a fire breaks out, fire rated doors are designed to withstand the high temperature as well as prevent the spread of smoke and fire within the building.

There are actually several types of fire doors that are available in the market today. Some are pretty conventional while other fire proof doors are very modern in style. What’s great about these doors is that they do a pretty good job at protecting people’s lives. They not only prevent the spread of fire within the building but they also prevent the smoke from seeping through. With these doors installed in strategic locations inside the building, people will have enough time to safely leave the premises in case the fire breaks out.

One way to enhance these flame resistant doors is to add a fire seal to the almost inevitable gaps that surround the door when they are already in place. Although modern and innovative fire doors these days are perceived to be extremely precise when it comes to their structure and properties, it is pretty much unavoidable that these things do have cracks that may restrict them from doing their jobs fully. Manufacturers ensure that during the production process, these fire rated doors meet the standard requirements. For one, fire proof doors are expected not to break down during emergency cases. By using fire seals, you are guaranteed that this potential problem will be dealt with.
Fire doors are considered extremely useful during fire emergencies. They prevent the spread of smoke and fire thus preventing the loss of lives. And because these doors are very effective when it comes to creating a secure barrier between the harmful element and the people who are trapped inside the building, they are mostly required to be installed in certain buildings.
Fire seals, on the other hand, can certainly improve the performance of fire doors. Even though these seals are not really required, building owners should consider using fire seals on their fire doors. For one, sealing the frames can ensure the safety of the entire family. In case a fire breaks out, seal around the frame will increase in size and this will subsequently block off the gaps that may surround the door. Consequently, this will create a barrier that will prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Using seals around your fire door’s frame will ensure that your building is safe from fire hazards. Put in mind that increasing the establishment’s safety level should be on top of your priority list. Once you are able to maximize your fire door’s potential through fire seals, you are guaranteed that your business is safe in case a fire breaks out. If you want to know more about fire doors, click here for a short video.



Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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