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Fire Resistant Doors Can Preserve Life

Have you had the experience of witnessing a house on fire? That’s a fearsome event for those who are watching, isn’t it? The situation would teach us to take better care of our houses and install fire resistant doors. Fire when properly used and contained can bring plenty of positive things for us like cooking and providing warmth on cold days. This is the reason why fire places are also very important in homes because a fire can be properly used to make life more comfortable. However, when fire is left to destroy our possessions, it would be a misfortune for anyone whose house has been ravaged by fire.
All people dread fire if they know how destructive it can get and will eat everything that comes along its way. Fire will always spread when there are combustible materials that it can catch as it seeks more space to get through. It will make everything a kindling matter in a few minutes and nothing will be left standing or stay in their forms once a fire passes it. Even people can be victim to fire when they cannot escape through a fire exit door.

How do people die in fires? There will be heavy and dark-coloured smoke when fire is trying to spread. When there’s clean-burning fire, there will be no smoke that can be visible. However, a fire that is moving fast in under-ventilated areas will manifest a large volume of smoke. Fire engineers will know more about the fire that happens inside a structure through the colour and they can target their efforts on the areas that has not yet been damaged. Dampening an area will discourage fire from spreading. However, this may not be effective when the building has reached a very high temperature.

What is most fearsome is when a building is under black fire. This fire is composed of black, very dense and high volume of smoke that also carries a turbulent velocity and a high level of carbon dioxide content in the smoke is very likely. This can be a sign for auto-ignition. This fire can signal that the building is now very risky and that smoke is doing the destruction and not the flame. At 1,000°F, this fire can now cause steels to melt, materials can get charred upon coming in contact with this black smoke and people will quickly die when this smoke reaches them. The black smoke is even more potent than a fire with visible flame. When this happens, expect that very few materials and lives can be spared, if they are lucky at all.

Surviving a structural fire nowadays can be obtained through the installation of a fire exit door. This is a fire barrier that will control the seepage of smoke to another compartment in the structure and keep the spread of fire in control. The flames in a fire do not take lives but the smoke that comes before it. The fire resistant doors available today are not luxury materials but a protective measure for structures since it will prevent the rapid spread of fire.



Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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