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Fire Doors – Safety That Brings Confidence

This article is about the importance of installing fire doors and other fire preventive measures to increase safety and survival during fire outbreaks. These fixtures can make you feel safe and be ready for what might happen.
No person can smile while at the same time seeing a fire outbreak happens because it’s really a scary event to behold. Fire outbreaks are unpredictable and people normally wouldn’t know what to do (especially during panic moments) unless they are given an ample time to make their way out of the building that’s on fire. Mostly, people get surprised especially when fires suddenly spread on locations fast. Fires can spread especially if there are combustible materials on its path. Without good quality fire doors, lives could be lost.

Smoke and flame can easily transfer to another area fast. When you realise that this is the actual nature of fire outbreak, then it’s a must that you should make preventive measures in the building that you are in. This is called passive fire prevention. You may not experience the protection it provides on a daily basis but when these disasters come, this protection can really be handy. One of these protections is fire resistant doors.

Buildings that are installed with high quality fire doors are seldom found to have serious damages because fires are immediately controlled and prevented from spreading until the fire and rescue team arrives. Fire resistant doors have what we call ratings which identify how long they are to hold off these fires. There are fire doors that can last from 45 minutes and there are those that can stand up to a couple of hours. Installing a specific rating depends on the kind of building you have or upon recommendation of the fire door inspector.

Fires are important in every aspect of our lives only if they are controlled. Once they get out from what they’re supposed to do, then disaster strikes. It doesn’t entertain excuses and it will burn down everything on its path without mercy. The more it spreads, the more dangerous it becomes. Through this we can only say that the only way to stop this danger is to control them almost immediately and this is done through installing fire resistant doors. Flames aren’t the dangerous part during fire outbreaks; the real killer is the thick and poisonous smoke that precedes it. It’s the one that will give you hard time breathing and because of heat, it can burn your airway which will make you unconscious, dehydrated and suffocated – this spells danger.

These fire doors can be installed with smoke seals and by the name itself will prevent the passage of smoke. These doors have intumescent materials that expand during high temperatures which make it a strong seal against flames and smoke and this is the only thing that would make any person the building safe.

The presence of passive fire protection in the building like fire resistant doors, alarms, extinguishers and walls can save a lot of lives and properties. During fire outbreaks, safety and survival is the main priority and these tools perform their best during these situations. Fires are scary yes only if you’re unprepared but if you have the right combination of preventive and safety tools, you can step up proud. 


Fire Resistant Doors – Achieving Protection And Safety

There are only two important things that you can get through installing fire doors and these are protection and safety. When you get these things secured, the rest will follow. And this is what this article is all about.

In constructing a building or any form of infrastructures like office and schools, an important consideration has to be made in terms of comfort and safety for those who will go in and out of these structures. However, not all people are aware that they need more than just that and it includes installing fire safety fixtures like extinguishers and reliable fire resistant doors. This is done to make sure that the people in the building will be a lot safer from the effects of fire that might break out within the building at any given time.

The owners of the building should remember the problems that they might face during future fire outbreaks. They have to think about safety and ask themselves if their structures are fire-ready. Most people who don’t think about these matters often fall victims during the ruthless spread of fire. Only through fire safety materials and fixtures like fire doors will you make certain that your building is safe.

Fire resistant doors or doors that are fire rated are made to prevent the rapid spreading of smoke and flames in the different areas of the building at certain point in time. Standard fire doors can stand against fire for 45 minutes or one hour or even a couple of hours depending on their ratings. This is very much important especially if the fire is raging and there’s no help that can attend during the emergency right away.

Most of the times, fire trucks have delays for coming as well as the fire fighters. This is aggravated when the areas are located in long distances or are difficult to penetrate. In as short as 30 minutes without protection, fires can consume all combustible materials in the building and by the time rescue arrives, there will be nothing left to save. This is quit brutal but this is what happens if you lack safety measures like fire resistant doors. No one can predict when fires would occur so it’s essential to really be prepared.

Fire doors should have specifications to make sure that they comply with the code or code so that it will be able to close immediately especially when fire comes about. These doors should be placed in long hallways, stairs and other risky areas of the building. It’s usually the fire resistant doors that would make sure that people will be safe in case they’re trapped on these areas and can easily pass through these fixtures. Now, in huge rooms that can easily be filled with smoke during fire, fire doors can limit the ins and outs of the smoke which is vital for safety.

Best fire resistant doors can either be single or double leaf which can be swung on emergency cases but they are kept close during fire outbreaks through electronic devices.  There are different options for these doors although the standard dimensions are readily available. What’s even great is that you could have them custom-fit in your building to make sure everything goes well.

Protection and safety are essential when it comes to fire preparation. With the help of fire doors, these two things can be achieved.



Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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