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How to Spot a Fire Rated Door

We juggle with our daily lives going to school or going to work, attending meetings or birthdays, meet-up with friends or family having to dine out somewhere cosy, stay at a hotel or a condo for days but whatever it is that we are doing and wherever we are going we see doors, hundreds of doors maybe. Most of the time we may never care, unless you are this super particular type to check if these doors are fire rated or not. No one could blame you, no one thought of having to deal with a fire breakout every single second of the time.

But to raise awareness, it is important to know that a door is a reliable fire rated door or not. We go through our lives thinking every day is just another day to live but circumstances happen catching all of us off guard. It is better to have a little knowledge than nothing at all. 

Fire doors can appear as an ordinary door but when you spot one you will know. These doors are composed of a complete door set which includes the door leaf, frame, hardware, seals, and other attachments like vision panels and air grilles. All these are of course fire rated. Designed to withstand fire that could last 3-4 hours depending of the fire door rating. These doors are also are made up of a combination of any materials such as glass, gypsum, steel, timber, vermiculite and aluminium. But all these aren't enough to say they are fire doors. To identify that they are, there must be a "compliance tag" fixed on the door.

This tag in no ordinary because it contains detail of critical information to which is used by the inspectors to assess the fire door during its service and identify its conditions. You don't need to be an expert to read what is on this fire door compliance tag as long as you know the basic. The only time you have to be one is when you do the inspection yourself. All compliance tags per regulation of the Australian government must contain the manufacturer's name, fire rating/resistant level (could last 3-4 hours depends), owner's name, certifiers name, manufacture date and the item serial number.

This compliance tag is also a proof confirming that the door has been tested and installed correctly which makes it fire resistant by a licensed company. This tag must remain on the door and must never at once remove. Removal of it or just it being unstuck can cause non-compliance during inspection or maintenance.

Also it is important that everyone's aware that the government states that by law as referred to Australian Standard AS. 1851.17 and the Queensland Development Code MP6.1 that all the fire doors are inspected every 6 to 12 months depending on the classification of the building. This is to make sure that all business and home owners maintain the fire doors at its best function. These doors are designed to help reduce the spread of fire and smoke if there are any unlikely fireoutbreaks. The hazards bring about by fire can be contained by the help of these doors. These doors had helped saves lives of many and prevent property loss over the decades.

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Protect Your Investments, Get a Fire Door

When you venture to any type of business you not only put your money on it but you pour all your hard work, your time and your heart. You imagine it grow from the small business you started to it becoming big and global. But what if one day everything you've put so much labour are destroyed by one unfortunate event that could somehow be prevented only if the right thing was done.

In as much as we wanted control everything that would happen, sometimes things gets out of our way. If we are inside a building we have that feeling that we are safe. But that is not always the case. A single fire can transform all our assets into ashes. This is very destructive, isn't it? That is why it is very important to plan all safety measures in your business infrastructures as thoroughly as possible.

Nobody wants anything bad just like a fire outbreak happen but you must be prepared. One small fire could get out of control that grabbing a fire extinguisher is impossible. Based on study, it only takes 30 seconds for a fire to become very difficult to control and few minutes more the whole area will be filled with smoke which makes it much more dangerous.

There's not so much you can do for a 30 second time. Escape can be very difficult as panic people start to run and find way out. Finding your way out is also very hard when smoke is spreading all around. Besides that you all you see is grey and black it's suffocating you. Smoke is the leading cause of death rather than burn on a fire situation.

Fire could likely to start on an area where flammable materials are stored. Storage areas, electrical room, office pantry among others must be secured and checked all the time. Broken Electrical devices, heaters or any leakage must be fixed immediately. There are so many things that have to be examined and observed to maintain a safe environment in any infrastructures. But accidents happen we know that. 

So it's just very strategic to install fire doors inside your building specially the place where fire could start as mentioned above. What are fire doors? Fire doors are a fire protection system to help reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate rooms or compartments. Aside from that this will also give people time for a safe escape from the building and control property damage.

Fire doors can last up to 3-4 hours depending on the fire door rating. Normally they are made up of a combination of materials such as glass, gypsum, steel, timber, vermiculite and aluminium. A fire door is composed of a complete door set that includes a door leaf, frame, hardware, seals, and other attachments like vision panels and air grilles which are all fire rated.

Fire rated doors means that they have been tried and tested by a licensed company. It cannot be installed without the assistance of these peopleas compliance to the regulation issued by the Australian government is a must. A compliance tag must be found on all fire doors. To make ensure the safety of everyone inside the building and to protect your business all fire doors are also required to be maintained and inspected regularly. An inspection will be carried by the government every 6 to 12 months depending on the building classification. 

So many are the requirements for a fire door and you think it could be costly. But what you need to think is the long term effect of this to your business.

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Fire Doors: Everything you want to know

When we plan our building, we should include planning for the security of individuals living and moving around the building. It is our duty to put up fire protection system applicable for buildings.
This article will let you know more about fire doors that basically help people escape from tragic incidents.

Fire Doors Functions

Affordable Firedoors are no ordinary doors that you typically see at homes. A fire door plays a crucial role as part of the passive fire protection system. Its functions are (i.) delaying the swift spread of the smoke and fire and (ii.) it serves as a barrier.
i.                     Delaying the spread of fire
We all know that when a fire breaks out, it swiftly devours the building. However, with technology and innovation a fire door was created. It is made of Gypsum, steel (if necessary), Timber, Aluminium and others. These materials are effective in delaying the smoke and fire.

ii.                   It serves as a barrier
And because the materials are fireproof, fire door serves as the barrier. Acquiring the characteristic of being fire resistant, it allows longer minutes before it will be eaten totally by the fire. And because of that, people living in the building can safely go across the door without burnt or wounds.

Fire Door Operation

There are two methods to operate fire doors: designed to keep the door open or closed. Whichever is used it is always reminded that it should not obstruct by anything. If the door is blocked or slightly open it can’t do its function.

The open fire door has a control mechanism which only closes when the fire alarm turns on. Once the door is closed it can protect the people from escaping the building. It may last depending on the rating of the door. Fire doors can last 20, 45, 60, and 90 up to 180 minutes of protection. Some doors are indicated with letters, A for an hour of protection, B for 60-90 minutes, C for 45 minutes and no letter indication for 20 minutes duration.

Fire Door Installation

There are different types of installation for different types of fire doors.

  •       Fire rated sliding door: installed with an automatic mechanism.
  •       Fire exit door: You can install this whether internal or external and whether it’s single or double door.
  •       Entry Doors: The installation depends on whether double or single or leaf and half door.
  •       Apartment entrance door: acts as a barrier to another unit in the building.

Getting information from an existing fire door

You can easily identify a fire door because of its label. This is one of the requirements imposed on manufacturers; they should permanently place a label with information a person needs to know. What the concerned citizen should or the owner should know are the following:
·         Length of time of the door to resist fire
·         Manufacturer’s information
·         Information of fire exit hardware
·         Temperature rises rating
·         Smoke door assembly


The purpose of the fire door is to compartmentalize the building from fire and smoke exposure. 

While it’s close it can do its function to protect the people inside the building to escape for a given period of time.

Moreover, this kind of passive fire protection needs maintenance, strict specifications, and properly installed if you want it to do its job. 


5 Protective Tips you should know against Unwanted Fire!

Prevention or protection whatever you call it they are words that you should keep inside the house especially if you already have a family of your own.

Take these 5 protection tips against fire and please, read it.
1. Plan a house with fire protection system

Who wouldn’t want a home that protects the family, right? In anticipation, you always think of “what if’s” that might happen when you buy a house or planned to create it. You cannot avoid the worries and uneasiness especially that you’re still founding a great family.

The only way to get out of worries is to plan well the structure and internal security of your house. If you don’t have an architect with you, you can always follow the fire code or building code issued by the local fire department.

A well-balanced fire protection system uses passive fire protection (PFP) and active fire protection (AFP) which I will discuss later on in this discussion. Aside from the system which will be installed in your house is the education that you should acquire. Your system won’t work if the members of the family are not ready for any fire emergency.

Readiness and awareness are always the best protection from fire incidents.

2. Get some professional help

If you have a plan for your home it is better if you ask for a professional’s help. You cannot just say “Just use fire doors and we’re protected”; though there is nothing wrong with the use of a fire door because that would help slow down the fire, but still, you need the help. Some families are ignoring the importance of professional advice; because they think that they can prevent fire incidents if they just keep themselves safe.

This kind of mindset is the reason why there are casualties when the fire broke out. Experts have the longest experience when it comes to fire outbreak. And, the reason why we ask for their help is to prevent any incident that will take our lives.

They know which system should be installed inside the house, what materials are best used for fire protection and they will educate your family.

3. Use PFP and AFP system altogether

Passive Fire Protection (PFP) and Active Fire Protection (AFP) system are effective when installed together. PFP is a system that compartmentalised your house. It uses materials that are fire proof such as, reliable fire doors, fireproof walls, and fireproof floors and so on. Its main function is to slow down the spread of fire. This will give more minutes for your family to escape the house.

AFP, on the other hand, is a system that requires the use of manual action or automatic action. For example, sprinklers, fire alarms, fire extinguishers and the like.

When this two system are combined altogether, you have a fire-safe house.

4. Fire Safety Education for the whole Family

There is nothing stronger than having education on how to prevent fire incidents. This kind of training and seminars are often taught at school while the city fire department is giving drills. If there are forums about fire prevention in your area you can always join and learn from it.

5. Invest in fire protection system that works best!

Lastly, invest in fire protection system; your fire door alone won’t help you if your walls are made of light woods. Your beautiful house will be nothing if you have no active fire protection system. Your modern-designed house is worthless if PFP is not part of the plan.


A little investment on the fire protection system is nothing compared to the possible fire incident that will take your property or even one of your family member. It is better to be safe than nothing at all. 


Fire Doors – Safety That Brings Confidence

This article is about the importance of installing fire doors and other fire preventive measures to increase safety and survival during fire outbreaks. These fixtures can make you feel safe and be ready for what might happen.
No person can smile while at the same time seeing a fire outbreak happens because it’s really a scary event to behold. Fire outbreaks are unpredictable and people normally wouldn’t know what to do (especially during panic moments) unless they are given an ample time to make their way out of the building that’s on fire. Mostly, people get surprised especially when fires suddenly spread on locations fast. Fires can spread especially if there are combustible materials on its path. Without good quality fire doors, lives could be lost.

Smoke and flame can easily transfer to another area fast. When you realise that this is the actual nature of fire outbreak, then it’s a must that you should make preventive measures in the building that you are in. This is called passive fire prevention. You may not experience the protection it provides on a daily basis but when these disasters come, this protection can really be handy. One of these protections is fire resistant doors.

Buildings that are installed with high quality fire doors are seldom found to have serious damages because fires are immediately controlled and prevented from spreading until the fire and rescue team arrives. Fire resistant doors have what we call ratings which identify how long they are to hold off these fires. There are fire doors that can last from 45 minutes and there are those that can stand up to a couple of hours. Installing a specific rating depends on the kind of building you have or upon recommendation of the fire door inspector.

Fires are important in every aspect of our lives only if they are controlled. Once they get out from what they’re supposed to do, then disaster strikes. It doesn’t entertain excuses and it will burn down everything on its path without mercy. The more it spreads, the more dangerous it becomes. Through this we can only say that the only way to stop this danger is to control them almost immediately and this is done through installing fire resistant doors. Flames aren’t the dangerous part during fire outbreaks; the real killer is the thick and poisonous smoke that precedes it. It’s the one that will give you hard time breathing and because of heat, it can burn your airway which will make you unconscious, dehydrated and suffocated – this spells danger.

These fire doors can be installed with smoke seals and by the name itself will prevent the passage of smoke. These doors have intumescent materials that expand during high temperatures which make it a strong seal against flames and smoke and this is the only thing that would make any person the building safe.

The presence of passive fire protection in the building like fire resistant doors, alarms, extinguishers and walls can save a lot of lives and properties. During fire outbreaks, safety and survival is the main priority and these tools perform their best during these situations. Fires are scary yes only if you’re unprepared but if you have the right combination of preventive and safety tools, you can step up proud. 


Fire Resistant Doors – Achieving Protection And Safety

There are only two important things that you can get through installing fire doors and these are protection and safety. When you get these things secured, the rest will follow. And this is what this article is all about.

In constructing a building or any form of infrastructures like office and schools, an important consideration has to be made in terms of comfort and safety for those who will go in and out of these structures. However, not all people are aware that they need more than just that and it includes installing fire safety fixtures like extinguishers and reliable fire resistant doors. This is done to make sure that the people in the building will be a lot safer from the effects of fire that might break out within the building at any given time.

The owners of the building should remember the problems that they might face during future fire outbreaks. They have to think about safety and ask themselves if their structures are fire-ready. Most people who don’t think about these matters often fall victims during the ruthless spread of fire. Only through fire safety materials and fixtures like fire doors will you make certain that your building is safe.

Fire resistant doors or doors that are fire rated are made to prevent the rapid spreading of smoke and flames in the different areas of the building at certain point in time. Standard fire doors can stand against fire for 45 minutes or one hour or even a couple of hours depending on their ratings. This is very much important especially if the fire is raging and there’s no help that can attend during the emergency right away.

Most of the times, fire trucks have delays for coming as well as the fire fighters. This is aggravated when the areas are located in long distances or are difficult to penetrate. In as short as 30 minutes without protection, fires can consume all combustible materials in the building and by the time rescue arrives, there will be nothing left to save. This is quit brutal but this is what happens if you lack safety measures like fire resistant doors. No one can predict when fires would occur so it’s essential to really be prepared.

Fire doors should have specifications to make sure that they comply with the code or code so that it will be able to close immediately especially when fire comes about. These doors should be placed in long hallways, stairs and other risky areas of the building. It’s usually the fire resistant doors that would make sure that people will be safe in case they’re trapped on these areas and can easily pass through these fixtures. Now, in huge rooms that can easily be filled with smoke during fire, fire doors can limit the ins and outs of the smoke which is vital for safety.

Best fire resistant doors can either be single or double leaf which can be swung on emergency cases but they are kept close during fire outbreaks through electronic devices.  There are different options for these doors although the standard dimensions are readily available. What’s even great is that you could have them custom-fit in your building to make sure everything goes well.

Protection and safety are essential when it comes to fire preparation. With the help of fire doors, these two things can be achieved.


Facts About Your Fire door

This article lists the basic facts that come with the installation of fire doors.

Installing fire doors is just the first step towards a safer building. The next agenda on your list should be to abide to fire door regulations. Below are some tips on how to prep for a fire risk assessment in your building.

  • Risk management is your responsibility

According to fire door laws, the building owner is in charge of the safety of the building, and therefore must make sure the proper fitting of fire doors is done. The Building Code of Australia (BCA) states that all fire doors must be fitted and maintained according to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1905.1.2005, and that a licensed Building Services Authority (BSA) company or person must install the fire doors.

  • Fire door Maintenance is mandatory

All fire doors must be regularly maintained so that they serve their function fully. Non-compliant fire doors can affect your certification, safety, as well as your insurance. Fire door tags provide information of the history of the fire door. It shows the date the fire door was made and the manufacturer. It will also indicate if the door passes fire door requirements.

  • If it doesn’t have a compliance tag, then it should be replaced with a new one.

Fir doors have to be maintained under the Queensland Development Code or QDC. It states that fire safety installations for an establishment should be maintained by a qualified person at time intervals that are enough to ensure the safety of a building. Under the QDC MP 6.1 schedule 1, fire doors must be maintained to the stated maintenance schedules. If your building is a class 2, example, an apartment building, it requires testing once a year. If it’s a commercial establishment, inspection is usually done twice a year.

  • Fire doormaintenance companies can do all the work for you

There are companies like Scanline Fire doors that can do all the inspections, maintenance, and certifications for you. Scanline Fire doors is insured and licensed to inspect fire doors that are in accordance to the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008. All the inspectors are qualified tradesmen. They can even make small adjustments to your fire doors while inspecting. This way, you can save yourself the worry of extra costs for the repair of your fire doors.


Basic Regulations of A Fire Door

This article lists the basic regulations of a fire door, as well as the composition of a fire door.

The most basic use of a fire door is to prevent the spread of fire in a building.The other use of a fire door is to help secure the exit of people in a fire. When it comes to fire doors, there are certain rules and regulations that have to be met if it’s used, especially in a commercial property. An in-depth look into the elements of a fire door can make it clear for us how it delays the spread of fire in a building.

Most fire doors have a solid timber frame. Sometimes it can be glazed with a fire-resistant glass. Around the fire door is a fire seal that expands when temperatures reach a certain peak. The fire seals close the gaps between the door leaf and the door frame so that smoke and fire cannot escape from the door.

Some fire doors don’t come with a seal, but new fire door requirements need a seal. This is because the seal is responsible for preventing deadly smoke from seeping through the cracks. Smoke inhalation, after all, is responsible for 42% of deaths in fires.

Fire doors come with a self-closing apparatus, and it’s crucial that the door should not be propped open.
Fire door ratings are given after fire doors are tested by a fire testing centre. The testing is done by exposing the fire door to intense heat conditions to see how long it takes for it to disintegrate.

The label indicates the time it takes before the fire door disintegrates. A rating of FD30 means that a fire door can last for 30 minutes in a fire. Subsequently an FD60 lasts for an hour, and an FD120 lasts for two hours.

Fire doors are required to be installed in commercial buildings, but they can also be installed in private properties. In particular, these should be installed in rooms that are more prone to fires like a kitchen, or a room with lots of electrical appliances.

Commercial buildings must follow fire door regulations. There must always be a ‘responsible person’ which is usually the employer in the building. He or she is responsible there is a proper escape route out of the buildings, with the fire doors placed in the proper rooms. Aside from this, the responsible person must have a fire detection warning in place, with the correct fire prevention equipment, fire proper safety signs, and escape lighting.


Homes With A Fire Proof Door: Ensuring Safety Above All Else

Make your home fire proof. With the help of fire proof doors, you can do everything that’s needed to protect your place from any danger coming from fire attacks.

As a homeowner, you may be perplexed by fears of your house engulfed in flames. This is especially true if you have invested a lot of money in building your dream home.  What's even worse is that when the occupants of your house will be injured, trapped or will unfortunately die because of the absence of fire prevention measures in your house. This is where reliable fire proof door come in.

So what does a fire proof door do to protect your house?

•             Mainly, it is an installation that will isolate the rapid spreading of fire in certain areas of your house. When the garage has caught fire for instance, the whole house is in danger of being burned.  But with the fire door in between, you do not have to worry about the rest of the house being burned.

•             Secondly, fire doors can save lives. There are certain materials that are fire retardant and thus, they do not catch fire.

In a nutshell, fire doors serve as both a barrier against fire as well as it provides a safe passage for evacuation.

The reality is that it is not easy to gain your life back when you have been a fire victim especially when the one and only house you have has been ravaged by fire simply because there was no fire prevention measures implemented. The thing is that no one is ever truly prepared for this situation. This is the primary reason why fire rated doors are being required. Basically, a fire can start practically in any area of the house-especially in the kitchen. It is highly suggested to install a fire door to a passage that leads to the kitchen, a fireplace if there is any and entertainment rooms. It can also be installed in a room with flammable items or any electrical equipment.

There is actually a building regulation that a two-story house that has a door to an integral garage should have a fire door installed. In the same manner, for three-story buildings, as well as converting a loft, the stairwell leading to these areas should have fire doors installed too. If you happened to be on the process of renovating your home, there are now new guidelines that will require a homeowner to not use an extravagant door but only a fire proof door. Building regulations are very stern these days so that everyone in homes or commercial spaces is kept safe during a fire. Commonly, it is the older folks who are always at risk from being fire victims due to their restricted movement. Thus, installing a fire door isn't really a luxury but on the contrary, a necessity.

Depending on the design of your home, certified fire door suppliers and inspectors are able to give you the proper excellent door product and they can also authenticate if the door labels and gaps from the floor and above the floor are of proper dimensions and have gone through quality control.


Fire Door Rating – Right Protection For The Right Price

Fires are useful but at the same time they can be dangerous as well. This means that you have to be very careful when it comes to using these resources. Add protection through fire doors now. Learn more.

Fire is actually a good source as long as it’s properly controlled and used. Without this particular resource, we won’t be able to enjoy the comforts that we’re living. If it hasn’t been discovered, we won’t progress as we are right now. The problem with fires is when it starts to run out of control. From a useful source of energy, it becomes a horrendous entity that could destroy almost everything on its path. It can even destroy life. You don’t want that to happen especially if you’re constantly using it at work and at home. Because of this need, you need to install a barrier for protection, a fire door with the right fire door rating.

A certain infrastructure like the building where you do your business has a lot of rooms that need to be protected. All the more, you’ll need a fire door to protect all your properties and people inside this building. Moreover, more than just the fixture itself, the right fire door rating should also be taken into consideration.  Anyways, a fire door isn’t there to destroy the cause of uncontrolled flames but it’s installed for protection. Its main work is to slow down the fire outbreak through the layers of non-combustible materials. Alongside with fire protective walls and windows, they form what we call passive fire protection. Typically, when all these structures are strategically placed together, your building will definitely be safer than ever.

Fire door might be enough but what about this so called fire door rating? It’s simple actually, fire door ratings refer to the amount of time a particular fire door can withstand the fire for protection. While it’s true that fire doors can protect your building, it’s not built for forever. At some point, especially if the fire outbreak is huge, the fixture will also breakdown. The amount of time that these doors can stand against the blazing flames is called its rating.

It’s being measured during the manufacturing process through a series of tests. Once they have been classified, they are now labeled as follows. For example, if the door can only last for about 30 minutes, than the door will be marked as FD-30. FD-60 ratings are for doors that can hold for 60 minutes and so on. Fire door experts or inspectors should be asked for the proper fire door rating to be installed inside your building so it’s better to collaborate with them before starting your construction to avoid any problems in the process.
Fire door rating is as important as the fire door itself. This means that upon scouting for the right fixtures, you should first consider your need. There are prices for ever rating that are available so it’s also one thing that should be thought about very carefully. The next thing you should worry about is the quality of this fire door. Go to a trusted company which will deliver the right product for an acceptable price.

Remember, your infrastructures or buildings are made for months but it will only take minutes if fires start to rampage all over your place. It’s better to be wise than sorry. Therefore take the step and get the right fire door rating for the right price.


Fire Door Rating: It’s Importance

Fire door ratings are as important as the fire door itself. It gives you an ample amount of time to prepare for the worst and most of the time, when the fire outbreaks will be solved. Here are some reasons why you need to give importance to these things.

Fire is in a way, a good type of energy as long as it can be controlled and properly applied and handled. The reality is that most of our comforts these days are pretty much impossible without fires. In fact fire is considered by many as both a friend and an enemy as it can be useful in a minute, and the next, it is already causing severe damage to both life ad properties.

Fires are very hard to control and once it picks up its momentum, it can demolish everything in its path and this is one thing that we do not want to happen inside our homes, apartment buildings or even office buildings. This is the reason why governing bodies have created certain building codes and this paved the way to the installation of fire doors with the right and proper fire door rating to ensure that everyone who occupies a certain structure is completely safe whenever fires happen.

Fire doors are made from very strong materials that are coated with classified chemicals to make them fire proof. They are then tested rigorously until their rating is finally defined. It is very much recommended that you become aware of these ratings as this can be the difference between safety and danger; the difference between life and death.

Fire door rating is also defined as the time that the fire door is able to withstand the fire. Remember that the fire door is not designed to withstand the flames indefinitely as the extreme heat caused by fire can make its materials weak after a certain time threshold-that is the rating.  The ratings can be between 30-120 minutes. After this certain time elapses and still the fire has not been put out, the door is bound to give in.

For instance, you installed a fire door that is labeled as FD30. The numbers that follow the "FD" label is the number of minutes that the door can survive the fire. Thus, if it's an FD 30, it tells people that they have less than 30 minutes to spend evacuating since this door can shut down tightly that no smoke or heat can escape to safety or to another room.

Nevertheless, presence of mind a great deal of common sense is greatly needed if you are trying to escape a burning building. So it is highly advised as well that every now and then, the occupants of the building are subjected to fire drills and must be familiar with the labels, the fire exits, the floor plans, where to grab the extinguishers and such so that whenever fire happens, there are no panics and evacuation is done safely and in an organised manner with the help of fire doors.

So when purchasing a fire door, make sure that you are aware of its fire door rating. The higher the rating is, the better opportunity you have to escape to safety. And most importantly, make sure that the fire doors are always regularly checked by licensed and professional inspectors to make sure that it is in good condition when it is needed.


Fire Door Maintenance - Protection On Excellent Condition

Installing fire doors is one thing. However, keeping them active and well-maintained is another thing to worry about. Therefore, before you do anything, you have to make sure that these fixtures are well maintained and regularly checked out by professionals.

In fire incidents, most of the loss of lives is not even caused by the actual fire itself. In most cases, the victims were rendered helpless when they started to inhale the toxic smoke which causes difficulty in breathing and results in them being unconscious. The actual just finishes the job by burning their bodies and that is not a very good sight.

Fires can actually start anytime and anywhere and mostly, at places where people least expect them to start. There are so many factors that can make a fire start. It could either be from natural causes to human errors but whatever the case is, when fire is out of control, it is very hard to put them out. This is especially true if the fire happens inside a building. As you know, buildings are confined spaces and if in the event a fire starts, it is going to be very difficult to escape to safety especially with lots of people in it.

In order to prevent this from happening, the government has established a  law called the building codes that mandates all structures, old and new such as buildings, apartments, malls and even some homes should have fire safety-system installed with them. This will ensure that everyone occupying the structure has a better chance of surviving in case a fire breaks out.

One of these fire safety features are fire doors. These doors are basically special fixtures that are made with strong materials that are coated with classified substances to make it fire resistant for a certain period of time. It ranges from 30-120 minutes and after which, it can give in to the intense heat that the fire can give, unless the fire rescue arrives on time to put the fire out. In a sense, the fire doors serve two purposes. One is that it can be a barrier against fire and the other is that it provides a passage for everyone to escape to safety.

But the integrity and the durability of the fire doors depend on how well it is maintained after it has been installed. Just like an ordinary thing, fire doors are subject to the usual wear and tear especially if it is being used constantly particularly if they are placed in an area that has a high traffic such as corridors or even hallways.

There is no better way than to have them maintained by special professionals who are trained to do such fire door maintenance. They are the ones who would know if there are non-functioning latches, missing screws, if the door itself is no longer self-closing or if there are missing labels. They can also instances where there are installed kick plates that are not the proper type or if the gap between the door and the floor is not proportionate.

Call a professional firedoor maintenance technician today and follow their advice so that you could guarantee that the fire doors will work effectively during fire accidents.


Fire Proof Doors: The Best Safety Tip Ever

Fire doors can greatly protect you from the dangers of fire outbreaks. Putting these fixtures will make your property and yourself into a state of peace and calmness knowing that you are safe.

For most people who own a home, their greatest fear would lose it because of a raging fire. For all we know, homes are our investment. It took time, money, effort and whole lot of work to be able to build or buy one.  If it is damaged by fire, it would feel like you lost everything and building another one would take more years and more money and effort. What’s worse is that if a family member gets trapped inside the house while the fire is going on. The chances of them surviving are next to zero if there are no fire-safety systems installed.

This is where practical measures need to be taken. Before fire even begins, take the liberty and start installing fire proof doors installed in your home. Lucky for us, it is very easy to improve our houses and make it safer and by extension-fire proof. When it comes to protecting your home and your family, you should not hold back on investing on things that would make them safe. This includes fire and smoke alarms, fire blankets, extinguishers and most importantly, fire proof doors that will provide you and your loved ones at home with a passage to safety until such time fire and rescue arrives.

Fire doors are basically an excellent piece of technology and are proven to be useful during a fire. This is because these doors are able to control and prevent the quick spreading of fire and smoke and additionally, it gives people ample time to save themselves and some valuables. These doors are basically made with special materials that are sturdy and are coated with classified chemicals to make them fire resistant. These doors have ratings on them in terms of minutes that tell the exact amount of time it is able to endure the fire. The thing is that fire doors are not designed to last the intense heat of fire and smoke and after its time threshold expires, it is bound to give way. 

Fire proofing your home is considered to be the best safety tip ever to have your home preserved-especially with fire doors installed in them.  All you have to do is get in touch with licensed fire door manufacturers or distributors. Once you are able to select them, make sure that their services does not only begin and end with selling but should also include the installation and maintenance as well. 

The good news is that fire doors can be tailor-fitted to your home’s interior design and colours. You can actually select custom-built fireproof doors that fit your door dimensions. You can actually have them installed by yourself but in order for you to avoid errors and mistakes, it is very important that you let the professionals do it for you. Fire proofing your home may be a bit costly but when it comes to the safety of your family, it is going to be worth it. This is the best fire safety tip ever.


Home Protection 101: Fire Doors

As a homeowner, do you often fear the safety of your family from various aspects? If you feel that way, then you should seriously start to consider having safety measures at home. Other people will think that it is too much but when the safety of your family is in question, then you should not compromise. Their protection should always be your priority.

This is the reason why people opt for security cams and anti-burglary systems but these security systems cannot protect your family in case a fire breaks out. The matter of the fact is that there are so many possible sources of fire at home and it only needs one tiny little spark and all hell is going to break loose.  Fires can start especially in the kitchen and therefore proper fire safety system should be installed at home.

This may include fire and smoke alarms, smoke detectors, extinguishers and sprinklers. But the most common and effective fire safety mechanism that you can invest on are fire doors. You may be asking what it can do to protect your house. The answer is quite simple- it basically stops or slows the rapid spreading of the fire in the house. For instance, if a fire started in the garage of your home, if there isn’t any fire rated doors in between them, the rest of your house is in danger of being burned too. But if a fire door is installed, the fire will just be contained on the garage and that the flames will not spread to the rest of the house.

This type of door has a dual function. It can be a barrier and a safety passage as well. The door is made up of strong and sturdy materials that are blended with special substances that make it fire proof. They are then rated depending on how long they can withstand the fire itself. The thing is that even though the fire doors are strong and are able to endure the fire, they are not designed to last for a long time. After this certain time threshold elapses, fire rated doors can succumb to the intense heat.

Then again, the fire doors allow ample time to get everyone to safety. It can prevent further damage to both the lives of you and your loved ones and at the same time your valuables. People all over the world who have been victims of fires have confessed that their lives have never been the same. So before it happens to you, make sure to install fire doors at home. The fact is that fires are very unpredictable but that does not mean that you cannot prepare for it. This is the very reason why it is very essential that you need to take time and invest on fire rated doors.

Protecting your family has never been this easy as long as you invest with fire doors. Call a licensed distributor today and feel extra safer with fire doors at home.


Making Your Home Extra Safe WithFire Doors

Normally, if a certain house is burned, the only thing that remains after the fire are the thick concrete walls and the rest of the components are reduced to ashes. This is a common scenario which leads you to think that the weakness of a home does not come from walls. So if your home is 85% built on light materials and less concrete especially walls, you’d better think twice and start considering extra fire safety precautions.

You need to do a lot of things and invest if you want to keep both your family’s lives safe and your home intact. The first thing that you need to do is start replacing the light materials where your house is built from and make it concrete and at the same time, you have to install security systems for protection especially from fires. You have to install some of the basic fire safety system such as smoke and fire alarms, sprinklers, and even extinguishers. But to have more advantage, you really to invest and install the latest and one of the most effective fire safety technology today; the fire doors.

Fire exit door are one of the most commonly used doors that are being installed in huge structures such as buildings where in case a fire happens, escaping from it is a very hard task. These doors are made from durable or strong materials that are coated with classified substances to make it fire resistant. On top of that, they undergo extreme testing in laboratories to determine how long they can withstand the heat and fire.

Once they are deemed fit for the job, they are given special ratings. These ratings indicate how long they can last. There are different ratings that are already available in the market these days. These fire doors come in the following: FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120. Note that the numbers indicated here is the number of minutes that they are expected to withstand the fire. After these time thresholds elapses, they are bound or expected to give in to the extreme heat.  Sadly, they are not built to endure the fire indefinitely however; they can give or provide enough time for the people to eventually escape to safety without being harmed.

Another thing that guarantees that you will be safe with fire proof door is that they are equipped with special sealing system that prevents the spreading or penetrating of smoke from one place to another. These seals are actually expanding when they are exposed to tremendous heat which provides leakage for the smoke to pass through.

So if you are already convinced that you need extra fire safety precaution at home, then you better start searching for the best dealers and make sure that they are licensed, accredited or recognised by certain governing bodies to sell fire doors. This way, you can guarantee that what you’re buying is of excellent quality and reliable.

So go ahead and invest on this worthy life-saving door for you and your family’s ultimate protection.



Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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