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Fire Doors: Everything you want to know

When we plan our building, we should include planning for the security of individuals living and moving around the building. It is our duty to put up fire protection system applicable for buildings.
This article will let you know more about fire doors that basically help people escape from tragic incidents.

Fire Doors Functions

Affordable Firedoors are no ordinary doors that you typically see at homes. A fire door plays a crucial role as part of the passive fire protection system. Its functions are (i.) delaying the swift spread of the smoke and fire and (ii.) it serves as a barrier.
i.                     Delaying the spread of fire
We all know that when a fire breaks out, it swiftly devours the building. However, with technology and innovation a fire door was created. It is made of Gypsum, steel (if necessary), Timber, Aluminium and others. These materials are effective in delaying the smoke and fire.

ii.                   It serves as a barrier
And because the materials are fireproof, fire door serves as the barrier. Acquiring the characteristic of being fire resistant, it allows longer minutes before it will be eaten totally by the fire. And because of that, people living in the building can safely go across the door without burnt or wounds.

Fire Door Operation

There are two methods to operate fire doors: designed to keep the door open or closed. Whichever is used it is always reminded that it should not obstruct by anything. If the door is blocked or slightly open it can’t do its function.

The open fire door has a control mechanism which only closes when the fire alarm turns on. Once the door is closed it can protect the people from escaping the building. It may last depending on the rating of the door. Fire doors can last 20, 45, 60, and 90 up to 180 minutes of protection. Some doors are indicated with letters, A for an hour of protection, B for 60-90 minutes, C for 45 minutes and no letter indication for 20 minutes duration.

Fire Door Installation

There are different types of installation for different types of fire doors.

  •       Fire rated sliding door: installed with an automatic mechanism.
  •       Fire exit door: You can install this whether internal or external and whether it’s single or double door.
  •       Entry Doors: The installation depends on whether double or single or leaf and half door.
  •       Apartment entrance door: acts as a barrier to another unit in the building.

Getting information from an existing fire door

You can easily identify a fire door because of its label. This is one of the requirements imposed on manufacturers; they should permanently place a label with information a person needs to know. What the concerned citizen should or the owner should know are the following:
·         Length of time of the door to resist fire
·         Manufacturer’s information
·         Information of fire exit hardware
·         Temperature rises rating
·         Smoke door assembly


The purpose of the fire door is to compartmentalize the building from fire and smoke exposure. 

While it’s close it can do its function to protect the people inside the building to escape for a given period of time.

Moreover, this kind of passive fire protection needs maintenance, strict specifications, and properly installed if you want it to do its job. 


5 Protective Tips you should know against Unwanted Fire!

Prevention or protection whatever you call it they are words that you should keep inside the house especially if you already have a family of your own.

Take these 5 protection tips against fire and please, read it.
1. Plan a house with fire protection system

Who wouldn’t want a home that protects the family, right? In anticipation, you always think of “what if’s” that might happen when you buy a house or planned to create it. You cannot avoid the worries and uneasiness especially that you’re still founding a great family.

The only way to get out of worries is to plan well the structure and internal security of your house. If you don’t have an architect with you, you can always follow the fire code or building code issued by the local fire department.

A well-balanced fire protection system uses passive fire protection (PFP) and active fire protection (AFP) which I will discuss later on in this discussion. Aside from the system which will be installed in your house is the education that you should acquire. Your system won’t work if the members of the family are not ready for any fire emergency.

Readiness and awareness are always the best protection from fire incidents.

2. Get some professional help

If you have a plan for your home it is better if you ask for a professional’s help. You cannot just say “Just use fire doors and we’re protected”; though there is nothing wrong with the use of a fire door because that would help slow down the fire, but still, you need the help. Some families are ignoring the importance of professional advice; because they think that they can prevent fire incidents if they just keep themselves safe.

This kind of mindset is the reason why there are casualties when the fire broke out. Experts have the longest experience when it comes to fire outbreak. And, the reason why we ask for their help is to prevent any incident that will take our lives.

They know which system should be installed inside the house, what materials are best used for fire protection and they will educate your family.

3. Use PFP and AFP system altogether

Passive Fire Protection (PFP) and Active Fire Protection (AFP) system are effective when installed together. PFP is a system that compartmentalised your house. It uses materials that are fire proof such as, reliable fire doors, fireproof walls, and fireproof floors and so on. Its main function is to slow down the spread of fire. This will give more minutes for your family to escape the house.

AFP, on the other hand, is a system that requires the use of manual action or automatic action. For example, sprinklers, fire alarms, fire extinguishers and the like.

When this two system are combined altogether, you have a fire-safe house.

4. Fire Safety Education for the whole Family

There is nothing stronger than having education on how to prevent fire incidents. This kind of training and seminars are often taught at school while the city fire department is giving drills. If there are forums about fire prevention in your area you can always join and learn from it.

5. Invest in fire protection system that works best!

Lastly, invest in fire protection system; your fire door alone won’t help you if your walls are made of light woods. Your beautiful house will be nothing if you have no active fire protection system. Your modern-designed house is worthless if PFP is not part of the plan.


A little investment on the fire protection system is nothing compared to the possible fire incident that will take your property or even one of your family member. It is better to be safe than nothing at all. 



Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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