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Understanding Fire Resistant Doors

Fire resistant doors are very important part of a structure’s fire safety for an inert fire protection as well as for the life safety procedures for the house. They are designed to reduce the spread of fire and smoke for a certain period of time during which the inhabitants of the house can safely vacant the house and the spread of smoke and fire is confined within the house.

Structure regulations are now strict and most of the buildings which are built within the town limits require fire resistant doors to safeguard the dwellers. A high quality door needs to be installed in the passage between the house and the garage. It is also important to install a fire door in locations between the sleeping area and the kitchen. In case there is a fire, the occupants can vacant the house without any problem.

Majority of the fire resistant doors don’t need any maintenance and are resistance to warping, bowing, twisting and so on. Therefore, home owners find it easy and cheap to maintain these doors.
During a fire, fire resistant doors need to be closed to sort the room and prevent the spread of flames as well as smoke. The aim is protect the outlets and allow the occupants time to vacant safely. If they are wedged open or blocked, they won’t be able to do their work and protect the house as well as the dwellers.

There are different methods of holding fire doors open such as the use of electromagnetic closer/holder combination or holder that have a few smoke detectors. In case smoke is detected, the doors shut and offer 30 minutes to 2 hours of protection. Fire resistant doors are sometimes named by different letters – A for 3 hours, B for 1 hour and C for thirty minutes. But, using the number of hours or minute is the most popular practice.

Each fire resistant door need to be labeled with a label that must be visible all the time. Fire rated frames may or may not have an engrossment or label from a listing firm. Both the door and the frame labels portrays a lot of information about manufacturer, whether the opening need to be installed with fire exit hardware, whether the door is a smoke door assembly or has a temperature rise rating, length of time the door is made to resist fire.

Truly, fire doors can be the difference between losing and saving lives. They are important parts of any building.


  1. Thanks for the valauble information !!
    I too feel that Fire resistant doors are required with the intention of resisting fires and flames and used in both domestic and commercial applications.



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