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The Safety that Fire Exit Doors can Provide

This article will show the importance of having fire exit doors.

Every house and building must have fire exit doors. This is a mandatory requirement set by the governing body to assure people of their safety. We cannot put the lives of our clients and family at risk. Investing in a fire resistant door may seem to be expensive, but if we look at the benefits that it can give to people, we can say that it is worth it.

Best fire exit doors are created to withstand high temperature during a fire disaster. It is also installed in buildings so that it can prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other areas of the structure. People who are inside the building must have knowledge on the exit routes and paths so that they will know on where to go and evacuate during the incident.

These doors are also designed and created according to the standards set by the governing body. Suppliers are selling doors that have a span period of time. This is the period wherein people can escape, rescuers can do their task and fire fighters can make plans to control the fire.  For small houses, a 30-minute time frame is best advised to be used, while on the other hand when you have a huge building, you can avail of the 45 minutes up to 2 hours span of time kind of fire door.

We all know that when fire is mixed up with air, the tendency is the flames will become bigger. This is one of the safety features that a fire door can give. It will prevent the fire from mixing with air and causing a bigger damage. Fire resistant doors are not just made to protect people. One of the features it possesses is that it can also protect the business owner’s property or the home itself.

Imagine there is fire disaster, then you do not have fire safety features like the fire door, you will witness that all your hard-earned investments will be just wiped away in just few hours. This is a proven reality especially if you do not want to invest on some safety feature mechanisms that can also help you in times of tragedy. We can say that it is too expensive to purchase this item. But the benefits that it can give especially when a fire outbreak occurs will surely make you realize that it is a worthy investment. The fatalities can be avoided and damages to property will be reduced. With this, fire doors are valuable possessions in any kind of structure.

A house and a building having fire security and safety features is a good move for a family or a business owner. This will ensure the safety and can give peace of mind to the people who are inside the building just in case a fire will breakout anytime. Let us not hesitate to invest into something that can give us benefits especially if it will save the lives of people.



Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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