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Reasons Why Fire Doors Fail

You may have already read so many articles about good quality fire doors or maybe have already seen one at your workplace, but did not really know the reason why it’s there and why people still have to manufacture a different kind of door when it's just a door after all. But fire doors are more than that. Their purpose is to help reduce the spread of smoke and fire. They are manufactured and installed in buildings, houses, hotels and even cargo ships and more. Many lives and properties have already been saved because of fire doors.

These types of doors are made of all fire resistant that have passed test and certifications. They have been tested and are installed with a goal of helping in the overall safety and structures against the damaging fire. The fire doors are made up of the door itself, the door frame, smoke seals, hardwares and even glass or fiber windows that are all fire rated. Whatever it is that you can find on the door are all tested and certified by a licensed fire door specialist.

Time has proven the importance of fire doors and that led many companies big and small to develop door sets that can hold fire with the highest resistance possible. The use of fire doors has been renowned internationally and these types of doors have already become a pillar of every establishment to be one of the tools used to prevent fire. An establishment is not deemed safe of fire doors are not installed. In fact, in Australia alone, its government has mandated that fire doors must be installed at home and business buildings and must be maintained regularly because if not heavy fines are due to those offenders.

Although fire doors are made with the most advance technology that we have today and by following all the regulations and standards in the making, there is still the possibility that a fire door will fail. Sometimes fire doors are improperly installed, which makes it nonfunctional. Also, some would block the fire doors with furnitures or other structures that ultimately defeats its purpose. Worst of all, putting inflammable items near the fire doors which is completely wrong.

Another cause why fire doors fail to serve its purpose is the lack of maintenance. Just like other machineries they also need to be maintained and checked regularly. For this, an advise of an expert is recommended as you cannot check it for yourself. You also do not have the power to deem a fire to be compliant with what is regulated because you are not a specialist. A fire door specialist must make a regular visit to text the doors and update its compliance. We never know when a fire accident could happen and if this is the case all the fire doors installed must be able to help save lives and reduce property damage because that is after all what we exactly want to happen.

So if you want to ensure your safety during fire emergencies, it would be best to install fire doors. Should you wish to learn more about fire doors, its usage and the installation process, you may contact Scanline and call our number which is 1300 302 994. A fire door specialist will assist you and will help you with the inspection of your fire door or your premises.



Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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