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Factors to Consider before Doing Your Own House Design

Designing their own homes is something most people would rather leave to the experts. Not only does it entail a lot of hard work, it gets even harder when you have no idea about what you should do first or how to go about it. There’s also the matter of safety. Perhaps, on your own, the idea of installing fire proof doors will not cross your mind. However, an architect would suggest the use of a fire resistant door to protect the entirety of your asset.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire professionals, the first thing you need to consider is that the design should fit your lifestyle. Designing homes for families with kids is different from designing homes for a childless couple or families with children and pets. It is importantto do some research and get some ideas on what would be best.

Make a list of how many bedrooms and bathrooms you think you’ll need, how large the family room is going to be, how the furniture will be placed, etc. You also need to consider if you need to put in a porch or a deck and don’t forget to consider what size your garage will be. You will also need to abide by zoning laws for the community you want to build your home in.

You may also want to check out floor plans ideal for the home you want to build. It is essential that your floor plan follows the design you want to implement, and that means going for maximum space efficiency. Make sure your designs allow ample access from the kitchen to the garage, that your furniture and fixtures can be placed accordingly, and that there are enough pathways and walkways so you can freely move around without being cramped.

Your plumbing should also be designed in such a way that they are in one area only to reduce pipe distance. Your heating and cooling systems should be as centralised to allow for better temperature balance and being energy-efficient. Your bedrooms should be placed where there is less noise so you can enjoy maximum privacy. Your doorways should be wide enough for you to be able to carry your furniture through, and make sure that your light switches are placed per traffic flow.

Your electrical outlets must also be placed in areas where they won’t cause any accidental electrocution or accidental cable trips. Most importantly, provisions for possible fire breakouts must be in place, including the installation of fire proof doors in strategic places. It would even be a good idea to install a fire proof door between your garage and the main portion of your home.

Of course, in addition to coming up with the appropriate material selection, colour and lighting schemes, part of a great house design also means having great interior design. You can opt to get ideas online via customized house designs or cut out pictures from your favourite home improvement magazines.

Lastly, keep your exteriors in mind when designing your home. Researching for the best landscaping ideas online will allow your home to create a great impression on anyone who sees it, whether you live in the corner of the street or the middle of the block. Implementing great hardscape and softscape that complement each other well creates a beautiful and ideal outdoor environment that is good for both your mind and body, as well as makes the most of your best investment.



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